Website design.

Provide a great experience for your visitors

Just like when a potential customer walks into your shop, office, or showroom, when someone visits your website it’s important to give them a great experience.

Your website has a lot of work to do. It’s your digital space, a place where your audience will come to learn more about you as a company. A place where decisions will be made about whether to do business with you or not.

We create premium, responsive websites, focusing on conversion and providing a quality experience for your visitors.

Our focus

01. Aesthetics

A great-looking website that presents your brand, your products, or services, in the best possible way. Clean and easy-to-use pages, carefully considered placement of content, and layouts that are easy on the eye.

02. User Experience

Everything from navigating the website to purchasing a product should be simple and easy to do. A quick and well-laid-out website, which is a pleasure to use, is sure to make a great impression on your customers.

03. Conversion

Having a well-presented website, that offers a fantastic user experience is half of the battle won. Additionally, we use various techniques to encourage your visitors to make an enquiry, or a purchase from you.

Why CoreMorph?

Responsive design

We ensure that whatever device your visitor is using they are sure to have a good experience. All websites that we create are responsive. Whether your visitor is using a desktop or a phone, it will look great and function perfectly. 


All websites are built on WordPress which is a Content Management System (CMS). This means you can easily add and manage products, blog posts, and make simple changes to the website yourself.


Google ranks faster websites more favourably, a fast website also provides a far better experience for your users. Whilst creating your site we aim to make it as fast as possible using a variety of optimisation techniques. 


In order to rank well in search engine results your website needs to be properly optimised. We take care of all aspects of on-site SEO giving you a perfectly optimised site that the search engines will love.

Site management

Should you wish, we can look after your website for you. Maintenance plans include CMS and Plugin updates, minor changes, backups & restorations, and generally keeping your site in good working order.


If you require we can provide free training to you, or your team, on all aspects of using your new website including how to add content. We’re here to support you and help you get the best from your new business asset.

How we create websites

WordPress & Elementor

We develop websites exclusively on the WordPress content management system (CMS), using Elementor. We believe this method is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to create original, bespoke, high-end websites.

The WordPress CMS is an incredibly flexible system that allows us to create any website that can be dreamt up. From standard brochure websites, e-commerce stores, and blogs, to something completely unique.

Elementor is a visual builder for WordPress. We work with Elementor to assist us in taking a website from design concepts to a live, responsive website with relative ease and speed.

Elementor is the leading website builder platform for professionals on WordPress. Elementor serves web professionals, including developers, designers and marketers, and boasts a new website created every 10 seconds on its platform.

Approximately 40% of all websites in the world are built on the WordPress CMS. This includes websites from huge brands such as Sony, Meta, Disney, Vogue, and many more.

There is good reason for this, WordPress is an extremely reliable and versatile system.

We build websites exclusively on WordPress, for several reasons. The flexibility of the system allows us to build any type of website that is required. It’s a trusted system, and completely open-source, making it free to use, modify and adapt. The flexibility of WordPress allows us to adapt our clients’ websites as they grow and their needs change.

In addition, the “back-end” interface is very intuitive, making it simple for our clients to learn how to manage elements of their websites themselves, should they wish. Adding/editing blog posts, or products is a simple process.

Finally, we have over a decade of experience in working with WordPress.

The WordPress system requires a “theme” to function. During the “build phase” of a project we start by using a blank (vanilla) theme. Elementor allows us to visually build the design of the website, including aspects such as navigation and responsive layouts. For simple websites, no, or very little coding is required to take a website from the concept designs to a live website.

Ultimately this method speeds up the development process, reduces the cost of the project, and enables us to deliver projects in a quicker timeframe. In turn, this gives more time to focus on other important aspects, such as the custom design, functionality, conversion, SEO, and user experience. 

There are various visual builders for WordPress but in our opinion, nothing comes close to the power and flexibility provided by Elementor. 

CoreMorph creates custom-designed, high-end websites, designed to help you achieve your business goals. This takes skill, experience, and time.

To determine the price of a project all it takes is a quick chat with you to discuss what you are looking to achieve. We can then give you a figure for your project. This figure is based on the estimated amount of time your project will take to complete.

We completely understand that some businesses might have budget restraints. In this instance, we will do our absolute best to work with you to find a solution that works for everyone. 

Your website needs to be hosted on a server so that people can view it, you also need a domain name. These are minimal costs but something to be considered.

We strongly recommend that websites are properly maintained. We offer maintenance plans to help keep your site running smoothly and securely. It includes updates to the WordPress core, plugins, and PHP updates on the server. Additionally, websites are backed up daily on a remote server, should they need to be restored.

Our maintenance plans vary in price depending on the complexity of the website and can be paid monthly via Direct Debit.

You guessed it, this site is built on WordPress, the same system we use for our client’s websites. The original designs, elements, UI, and UX were drawn out in Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator. It was then built out onto WordPress using Elementor.