INDI Travel Guide

ITG is a startup company that offers an exciting new way to find travel information.

The platform connects users with video content creators who create video guides about specific locations. This enables users to easily find quality video content about their location of interest.

We were tasked with creating a visual identity and website that appeals to the target audience and portrays the company’s ethos.

A responsive website design being shown on a phone sat on a grey background
A woman sitting on a bed looking at a website design
A poster design displayed on a stone wall

For the visual identity, it was important to express the indi and fun-loving nature of the company, differentiating it from the more corporate feeling competition.

For the typography, we have gone for a solid bold typeface for headings with the tracking pulled in tight. This is accompanied by Archivo for body text, giving it a nice modern feel.

The colour pallet is bold and bright with a dark purple offset by pure black. A lime green has been used for accents and a purple-to-black gradient that works perfectly as an overlay on images.

A logo design shown on a t-shirt
A website design mockup displayed on a laptop
A responsive website design being shown on a phone

"Working with Ross has been a great a process from the start. Ross has been so helpful and has guided us when looking for advice and opinions.

His creativity and design has brought our website to life. The whole team have really enjoyed working with SquareMorph and look forward to developing the site as we continue to work together in the future.

We would 100% recommend Square Morph to anyone looking for creative ideas."