Yorkshire Tea

A Yorkshire Tea easter egg, surely not?

This was a fun project to be involved with. The work was created for Yorkshire Tea for them to post on their socials as a lighthearted easter joke.

The brief was to design a realistic-looking, Yorkshire Tea branded easter egg.

The challenge here was to make a believable-looking product digitally without a physical product to work with.

To achieve this the packaging was designed first as we would for any normal packaging project.


Once the packaging elements had been designed it was brought together into a single composition.

The box packaging and egg wrapper were applied to mock-ups of a box and a wrapped easter egg.

The complete image was then assembled using a variety of effects in Adobe PhotoShop.

A new shaped teabag - the parallelogram

This design was created for Yorkshire Tea’s April fools prank.

The design shows the calculations and workings out of a new shaped teabag, the parallelogram. The design was presented in the form of a blueprint showing the benefits of the “new shape”.